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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Updated 22.05.2020

I did warn you I’d be saying this a lot! You are all very lovely and we are delighted that you’re happily transferring your bookings from this year to next. We continue to work through the holiday schedule chronologically and although there is still no certainty as to when your travel restrictions will be relaxed, we are contacting everyone on Scottish holidays up to end of June at the moment. Naturally, we will review this when we have greater clarity from the Government. The overseas holidays are working to a different timeframe, as the travel restrictions for them are more specific, either from our Government or from Overseas, but again, we’re delighted guests want to go on the same holiday next year and we’re working through all these as well. Thank you for continuing to contact us by email, so that we can answer your queries as efficiently as possible.

We are continuing to broadcast our Facebook ‘live’ sessions, bringing the ‘local patch’ from different guides to you at home. We know from your lovely responses on Facebook, that they are making you smile and brightening up your days. Please share your videos too by using #dailybirdsong and then we can join you on your patch as well! Your photos and videos from your local walks have been great fun to watch.

Thank you again to all of you who have sent personal messages of support and gratitude. We know you are aware how hard everyone is working to ensure a sensible conclusion to all possible outcomes and your kind words have been much appreciated. We’ll continue to share one or two of them with you.

"A friend said to me that I will just have to have four Speyside holidays a year when we are allowed out to play, so I should think of this year and possibly some of next as being deferred but I will catch up." (J)

"Thank you so much for your email. It has come as a great relief to us! We will of course happily accept your offer to transfer our booking to the 2021 holiday. Thank you for being able to arrange the trip at the same rates and for all the hard work undertaken by the whole team. We appreciate all your endeavours. We really feel for you at this most difficult of times and cannot imagine the stress and uncertainties you are facing. When all this is over, we hope to be able to book another holiday with you in the early part of 2021. Please pass on our best wishes to everyone and keep well and safe."(C&M)

"Obviously I was expecting that holidays through this summer will not be able to go ahead. I'm therefore delighted to think that you may be able to re-book the trip for next year and will keep my fingers crossed that you are successful in this. For us customers, losing holidays is very disappointing; but I am so sorry that you and your team are in this terrible situation. It must be such a worry for you. I wish you well in keeping your business going and once travel restrictions are lifted I will be ready to book new holidays with you as soon as possible. Very best regards" (P)

"I have decided to transfer on to the same holiday next year. I must say that I have always appreciated Speyside’s policy of guides/guide travelling with the group from the UK to the holiday destination. It is one of the reasons that has encouraged me to return to your company for my holidays. I value the peace of mind and reassurance that this system gives me. I have had the most amazing experiences and holidays with your company, over the years, and I would wish to support you at this very difficult time. I hope we all come through this safely and look forward to more adventures next year." (J)

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